Amazing ROI. Clean Design. Own Your Solar Panels for Less Than Leasing!

Solar installation San Diego, Ca – Increase Clean Energy specializes in high ROI solar panel installations custom designed for your home’s unique energy needs.

Solar Installation San Diego, Ca

Protect Yourself from Solar Leasing Traps by Owning Your Panels

There are some sneaky hidden dangers to leasing solar panels we think you would be smart to avoid. Let’s chat and we will show you how to OWN your panels for as little or less than lease payments would be. We will make sure you don’t ever get snagged into some common leasing traps that could cost you money and headache down the road.

Unique "System Blending" Technique for an Ultra Clean Look

You should feel as good about how your panels look as you do about the free electricity. Solar panels become a part of your home’s aesthetic. Don’t settle for old ugly panels and a sloppy installation. Our solar panels are sleek and powerful. We use an installation technique called “System Blending” to hide away wires and inverters for an ultra clean look.

We Keep the Free Electricity Flowing When Others Don't

Our solar panels are state-of-the art large, high output, high efficiency panels. To make sure they always are working, we use a clever strategy when installing. By using multiple micro-inverters rather than one big inverter to distribute system load, your system is not likely to ever go offline. If an inverter fails, it can be easily replaced with zero system downtime.

Discover Your Monthly Solar Savings Potential

Request a free in-home energy assessment and we will come out and show you the numbers. We want you to feel confident you will get the output you want from your system and even have an idea how much you can reduce your bill every month.

By calculating your home’s efficiency, we can ensure you enjoy an immediate decrease in your electric bill without compromising any comfort. Your home will be just as cool or warm as you wish when you want!

Request a Free Home Solar System Consultation

Want the best solar installation San Diego has to offer? Every home is different. Let us come take some revealing measurements so we can show you how much true potential your home has for reduced energy costs using solar!

Your Solar Investment is Protected

We use only the best-in-class energy efficient products from the top manufacturers. Installing home solar panels is one of the easiest ways to achieve home energy savings that last. Our commitment to using the finest solar products includes a 25-year warranty and our workmanship is always guaranteed for 10 years.

Year System Warranty

Jim wanted the best solar installation San Diego has to offer, so he chose Increase Clean Energy for his solar panels. He loved the experience and couldn’t be happier with the results!

Request a Free San Diego Solar Installation Estimate!

Whether you’re just beginning to learn about solar power, or you’re ready to take the plunge, Increase Clean Energy will guide you every step of the way.

So, go ahead take the plunge worry-free and start seeing home energy savings immediately.

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