Meet the I.C.E. Team

We don't like to toot our own horn...but we're totally kinda cool
Derek Patterson

Derek Patterson

Former pro baseball player, real estate guru, and proud father of two lovely daughters.

Derek has developed, recruited, and trained elite energy efficiency consulting teams and now Increase Clean Energy is a highly successful in the direct residential and commercial sales of SolarArtificial TurfRoofingWindows & Doors, and more.

Derek’s character is always of the highest integrity. He takes his deep-rooted family morals with him to every homeowner he services with ICE. He is proud to be a blessed husband of 13 years and a father of two daughters.  He graduated in 2000 with honors from Concordia University, Irvine, CA with a BA in Business Management with full academic and athletic (baseball) scholarships.

  • Operations 100%
  • Recruiting & Training 100%
  • Energy Efficiency Consulting 100%
Tony Dorgan

Tony Dorgan

US Marine Corps Veteran (3 back-to-back combat tours), sales and marketing ninja, battle-tested leader.

Tony is passionate about both technology and the environment. Tony’s style is a straight-forward candor. His expertise helps clients choose the right energy efficient products and services that produce the best outcomes for his clients. Being an active lifestyle enthusiast gives him an edge and the energy needed to run this dynamic organization.

During his 10-year stint in the Marine Corps, Tony consistently excelled reaching top qualifications in each position he held. He reached the top qualification of Master Training Specialist leading over 500 students to graduate from Military Occupational Specialty School and arrive trained and ready for the fleet.

  • Leadership 100%
  • Product Knowledge & Expertise 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

Timely Support

The I.C.E. team is 100% invested in the happiness of our customers. We know one of the biggest complaints in our industry is the customers time not being respected. Not at I.C.E.! We value your time, are on time, call when we say we will, and make sure your are treated with respect.

Innovative Ideas

We have yet to have two jobs that have the exact needs. Your home is unique and you need innovative ideas for lowering your energy consumption. We don’t use cookie cutter ideas. When you hire the I.C.E. team, we will do a thorough energy analysis on your home and make recommendations based an actual science and precise calculations.

Advanced Technology

Technology changes all the time. When you choose the I.C.E. team to make your home more efficient, you can feel confident knowing that we are always at the cutting edge. We deal in the most efficient solar panels, the highest quality turf, the most durable and efficient roofing, and the best windows and doors on the market.

Clear Communication

Nothing ruins a customer relationship faster than poor communication. That’s why the I.C.E. team is hardcore about clear communication and making sure our customers always have our ear. We will listen to your needs and make sure you understand all your options. 100% clear and honest communication is our commitment!

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

If you are interested in working together, send us an message and tell us how we can help you!


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