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Every year, more San Diego residents are using artificial turf in their landscape projects. While they each have their own individual motives, here are some of the more compelling reasons that they are doing so.

#1 Droughts Have No Effect On Artificial Turf

Water restrictions don’t put San Diego artificial turf installations at risk. A total ban on outdoor water use couldn’t hurt artificial turf. If you get turf, you’ll never need to worry about artificial turf dying.

#2 Artificial Turf Means Lower Maintenance

Turf lawns may not be totally maintenance free, but there’s no mowing to be done, no reseeding, and no fertilizing! There’s no aeration or dethatching required. Yard chores become so much simpler and easier for people who have had a San Diego artificial turf installation done for their yard. If you want to join the low maintenance club, then consider turf for your home as well.

Of course, there will still be some maintenance to be done. Litter and pet droppings will still have to be picked up, the lawn will be brushed rather than raked, and an occasional rinse to remove dust and pollen will be needed during dry spells. But those chores have to be done, no matter what type of yard it is.

#3 Artificial Turf Saves Money

Even if you totally ignore the cost of watering (60% of your monthly water usage), artificial turf will save you money in other ways. Add up what is spent in a year on fertilizer, seed, pest control, and landscapers! Multiply that figure by the expected service life of artificial turf (average of 20 years) and see how much money is saved. Add in the cost of maintaining, running, and occasionally replacing the lawn mower and other tools, and it becomes a clear advantage. Factor in what it costs to water a lawn over the years and the savings become truly significant!

#4 We All Need To Conserve Water

It’s not just the water bill. San Diego has to import over 80% of the water that it uses, even when there’s not a drought. Water conservation has become an increasingly important point in concern about our environment.

More than half of the water that San Diego uses in the summer months gets used for outdoor irrigation. Reducing the amount of water that we use doesn’t just save water, it also saves the energy that’s used to pump and treat it,

97% of the world’s water is saltwater, and we can’t drink that. Of the 3% of the world’s water that is fresh, 2/3 of that is unavailable to us because it’s locked up in ice caps and glaciers. If we can only use 1% of the water on the planet, it only makes sense to use it carefully and wisely.

#5 Insects and Pests Don’t Use Artificial Turf As Habitat

A San Diego artificial turf installation isn’t a haven for pests, so there’s no need to use toxic chemicals as pesticides. This helps reduce the impact that pesticides have on our environment. If we don’t use pesticides, we don’t need to worry about the impact that they may have on our family and pets.

There are several good reasons to consider cashing in your lawn by switching to artificial turf. If you would like to learn more about San Diego artificial turf installations, we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

**Bonus!** #6 Artificial Turf Looks AMAZING!

Sell your mower. Fire your landscaper. Always have the perfect lawn. Check out this before and after artificial turf installation in San Diego performed by Increase Clean Energy!

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